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Suspended from iohrp Geevee Pandala(Venugopal) priya Venugopal

Dr Venugopal alias Dr Gee Vee Pandala  & Mrs Priya Venugopal – Inernational Organising Secretary  - USA  who are in the above photograph have been dismissed  from the position of International Organising Secretary for the following reasons.

They have cheated a citizen of Delhi, Tamilnadu, west bengal Kerala of Rs 60 lacs promising him of a job visa in the US and not honoring the commitment after taking the money.

They have cheated a few people of Rs 40 lacs promising them various projects that will create employment  and not honouring the commitment after taking the money

They have cheated a few people of 60 lacs by way of processing fees promising them project loans from the IOHRP.

The organization is in search of Dr Venugopal & Mrs Priya Venugopal who are presumed to be in hiding. Anyone who informs the organization about them will be rewarded Rs 5 lacs by the organization. The informer can be assured that their identity will also remain confidential with the organization. We request all to inform us on the  website (www.iohrp.org Contact us) immediately on spotting them as they have violated the basic human right principles and are a threat to the society at large. The organization  also advises  all concerned to avoid any financial dealing with Dr Venugopal  & Mrs Priya Venugopal

Gee Vee Pandala                             Priya Venugopal

Saheb Samanta Has been Dismissed  from International  organization For Human Rights Protection with effect from 2nd  December 2016has

Suspended from iohrp

R. Sridhar Iyer Himadri Sekhar Roy Alexander David MD.Mahfooz Alam
Soumen Koley Pankaj Kumar Karan Satheesh A. Eliyas
S.Vijaya kumar Saravalnan P.JBabychan Sojan
MK Sajimon Nelson F (T.N.Babu) Subrath Sarkar UnniKrishnan
Shobhana Nair Saheb Samanta Dr. Rambidut Kumar Singh Natwar Babubhai nava

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