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List of Affiliations
  1. Dakshin Dinajpur Pratik Rural & urban Development society. E-mail: ddpratiksociety@gmail.com
  2. Integrated Development And Environmental Awareness Society (IDEAS) ideas@iohrp.org
  3. Human Rights Protection Organization (HRPO) hrpo@iohrp.org
  4. Association Of Human Rights Protection Organization (AHRPO) ahrpo@iohrp.org
  5. Satyarth Socio

Name of the Society                     :        Satyarth Socio

Registered Office                           :       D-98, Sham Vihar, Phase-1, Goyla Dairy Road,  PO. Nazafgarh, New Delhi – 43

Operation Area                              :        All over India

Registration No                              :

Date of Registration                        :         06.08.2004

City of Registration                         :         New Delhi

F. C. R No.                                    :        No

Accountant Details                                        

Name of the Bank and Branch         :      State Bank India, Shivpur

Accountant No.                               :       32744264405

FCR Account No.                            :       No

80 G No.                                         :       F.No.CIT/Vns/HQ-11/133/80G/117/2014-15

                               “Main motto of the organization is to safeguard and work for truth.”


  Aims and Objects    

1.       To  create brotherhood humanity, honesty and discipline.

2.       To establish libraries, entertainment facilities and cultural centers for all human beings.

3.       To work for the upliftment of the community irrespective of  caste , colour and creed. 

4.      To run the school/education Instt/ smoothly and uncourageous and get the approval of the same in 

          Delhi State of the country after permission by the concerned authority.

5.      If found guilty by means of anti propaganda of the aims and objects of the society.

6.       All the provision under all the section of the societies Registration Act of 1860 as applicable to

         National Territory of Delhi shall be applicable to this society.


Satyarth Socio a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with a view to render it’s services in upliftment of Social, Educational, Educational, Economical , Moral and cultural backwardness of all sections of the society without distinction of any kind, color, cast, creed, sex , language, religion and to create brotherhood, honesty, discipline and humanity in the society. To cover up and boost our social activities in all over India we have our representation in the states of UP, MP, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar, J&K, Delhi, Haryana.

AIDS AWARENESS PROGRAMME : A 05 Days AIDS Awareness Programmes were organised  by the Organization at various places like - Red Light Areas and Dhabas of Kolkatta (W.B.) and Chennai (T.N.) in which a Large number of Sex Workers, Truckers, Riksa Pullers, Labourers, Students and Civilians participated.

CHILD LABOUR EDUCATION AWARENESS PROGRAMME : A 22 days Child Labour Education  Awareness Programmes were organized by the Society in all over India from 15.6.2011 to 30.6.2011 at Kalahandi (Orissa), Bilashpur(Chhatisgarh),  Bhopal (M.P.) and Surat (Gujarat) in which participation of Working/Non-working women, Teachers, Students and Industrialist was highly appreciable.

FAMILY PLANNING AWARENESS PROGRAMME.  A 03 days Family Planning Awareness   Programme conducted by the Organization at Vidisha (M.P.) from 03.10.2011 to 05.10.2011 in which a large number of working/non working women Students, Civilians took part.

CULTURAL PROGRAMME . A 02 DAYS  Cultural Programme were organised by the Organization against dowry,  drugs and to Counter Bail strident force terrorism from 17.7.2011 to 18.7.2011 at Navagarh District Sonebhadra ( U.P.) in which a large scale gathering consisting of Working & Non Working Women,  men and Students were noticed.

ENVIRONMENTAL  AWARENESS  PROGRAMME . A 04 days Environmental Awareness Programme from 18.9.2011 to 21.9.2011 to create awareness against pollution because of Industries etc in Public residence areas was organised by the Organization at various Industrial Estates of Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in which participation of Industrialist, Environmentalists, students, Working & Non Working women, men and civilians was very high.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AWARENESS PROGRAMME .  A 05 days Women Empowerment Awareness Programme from 21.11.2011 to 25.11.2011 was organised by the Society in Vidisha (M.P.) in which a large number of working & non working women, girl students and  teachers took part.

PULSE POLIO PROGRAMME . A 02 days Pulse Polio Programme from 15.10.2011 to 16.10.2011 was organised by the Organization in the Villages of Sonebhadra and Chandauli Districts of U.P. State through which a large number of children attended.