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List of Affiliations
  1. Dakshin Dinajpur Pratik Rural & urban Development society. E-mail: ddpratiksociety@gmail.com
  2. Integrated Development And Environmental Awareness Society (IDEAS) ideas@iohrp.org
  3. Human Rights Protection Organization (HRPO) hrpo@iohrp.org
  4. Association Of Human Rights Protection Organization (AHRPO) ahrpo@iohrp.org
  5. Satyarth Socio

Name : Dakshin Dinajpur Pratik Rural & urban Development society
Address : Vill. Uttar Chakbhani (Girls College Para), Po&PS. Balurghat, Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal
Registration No :  S/IL/31689
Date Of Registration : 02.09.2005
City Of Registration : Kolkata, E-Mail: ddpratiksociety@gmail.com
F. C. R No : 146960012, No: CIT/JAL/12A&80G/10-11/88 NGO Partnership(India) Unit ID NO. WB/2009/21942nt
Account Details    
Name of the Bank and Branch : State Bank of India , Karnajora  Branch
Accountant No : 31211399662
F.C. R. Accluntant NO. : 30448115806, Branch Code : 1654
About the Organization
Dakshin Dinajpur Pratik Rural & urban Development society is a registered non governmental organization registered under west Bengal socities registration act 1961.  On the whole organization has confidence that  we its active workers participation and its their knowledge about the community have improved our organization's Motto.

KEY ISSUES:  Aged elderly, Art and culture Biotechnology , Humanrights, Legal awareness and Aid.  Labour and  Enterprises.  Panchayath raj, Prisoner's issues.
  Details of Achievements and Major activities:  To promote medical awareness  training, clinics mobile units etc, so that medical health care could reach peoplein need tochemical free agriculture to maintain harmony with people and nature.  To carry out experiments.  Reasearches into the field of culture, social science and such other departments as and when required for the society as whole. To give health care aid to the persons sexual diseases malaria tuberculosis cancer and water born diseases in the society.    

  The Society  has been implementing varrious type of welfare activities in its service area  for the betterment of the people since 2005. A brief report of activities of the society is given below. 

Awareness Programme on sanitation, Homeo health check up Camp, Charitable Dispensary, Poor women camp,  House Repairing, Coaching centre Boys and girls, Saraswatipuja and cultural function, Games and Sports, Polio Campagin, AIDS awareness programme, Computer training Programme, Help to poor aged relief, Road Development etc.

  1. Dakshin Dinajpur Pratik Rural & urban Development society's Services a. To integrate different sections of the people into the development process through Educational, Social and economic activities.
  2. To organize associations for women, youth and old people and make themgetrid of social evils like drinking, dowry systems, literacy, drug additions etc.
  3. To conduct training programmes for youth on different vocations like diary, dress making, eco farming, typewriting, etc, and helps theysettle down in the vocation in which they got training.
  4. To conduct information, education and communication activities for increasing the awareness of population problems and family plannning services among differentsections of people.
  5. To reduce maternal and infant morbidity and morality , improvement of general health and nutrition through various services and research prograqmmes.
  6. To start crehes and awardees for infants and young children.
  7. To run residential  hostels for working women.
  8. To conduct research and service programmes concerning rural development and employment creations.
  9. To  run rehabilitation centres for deprived and destitute women and old people in rural and urban areas.
  10. To run counseling centres in rural and urban areas separtely to solve the social, economicand psychological problems of people.
  11. To foster and develop contact with other organizations engaged in similar type of works in India and abroad.
  12. To accept grants of money, donations, subscriptions, securities of property or of any kind as such terms and conditions as may seem expedient for thepurpose of running the institutions.
  13. To do such other lawful things as are incidental and conductive the attainment of the above objectives or anyone of them.
  14. To take steps to improvethe standards  of theyouth and to develop the productivity power among the through awareness cultural programmes play games, scientific, economical etc., 
  15. To develop rural handicraft and traditional artisonse's financial and economical stature.  To conduct exhibition cum sales for that artisons to promoting their cultural artistic Handicrafts.
  16. To contact training programmes for their development to contact all activities, for the development of theirfamily welfare. 
  17. To get all facilities from government and non government agencies for the development of rural artisons.
  18. To develop the education and trust it will conduct a martriculation school.   Over all improvement of socio economic conditions of the target community including basic health measures, education, empowerment etc.